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Carnegie Deli Is Back In Action After 10-Month Hiatus

One of New York's classic Jewish delicatessens is up and running once again.

Bess Adler

For months, it looked like 79-year-old Midtown institution Carnegie Deli was down for the count. Con Ed shut off the gas in the entire building last April after an inspector discovered an illegal hook-up in the basement. While the restaurant remained closed, owner Marian Harper Levine settled a divorce from her husband/business partner Sanford, who was caught cheating with an employee several years ago. For months, the Carnegie team did not offer any update on the repairs, and employees began to complain about the lack of progress. But now, finally, Carnegie Deli has bounced back.  The Carnegie team announced plans to reopen last night, and at 8 a.m this morning, the delicatessen sprung back to life. The management notes on Facebook: "We look forward to welcoming back our family of employees, friends, and loyal patrons."