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Salvation Burger Blasts Into Hyperspace This Week

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This might very well be Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield's most casual restaurant to date.

Nick Solares

If everything goes according to plan, Salvation Burger — the Spotted Pig team's new restaurant in the Pod 51 hotel — will open this Wednesday. April Bloomfield has been tweaking and tinkering with the menu for several months now. The hot dogs are smoked in house, the burgers are cooked on a wood-fired grill, and the file-o-fish is full of fluke filets freshly fried to a fine crisp, tempura-style.

To drink, Salvation burger will offer wine from boxes, bottles, and taps, plus many varieties of soft and hard milkshakes. Time Out New York gets a peek at the grasshopper and toasted marshmallow varieties, which are a bit more restrained in their ornamentation than the ones offered at Black Tap, the reigning king of fancy shakes these days. Stay tuned for a look inside Salvation Burger later this week.

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