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Claus Meyer's Danish Breads Now Available at Margo Patisserie on Saturdays

Williamsburg now has a pop-up from Danish heavy-hitter Claus Meyer.

[Facebook/Meyers Bageri]

Claus Meyer, the Danish star chef/restaurateur who co-founded Noma in Copenhagen, is partnering with Margo Patisserie in Williamsburg on a bread pop-up every Saturday for the next few months. The Meyers Bageri crew is serving things like flaky Danishes, morning buns, wheat loaves, rye bread, and cinnamon swirls. In May, Meyers Bageri will take-over the Margo Patisserie space permanently. Later this year, Claus will also open a version of the bakery in his Nordic food market inside Grand Central Terminal.

The pop-up is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturdays. The team ran out of some items on its first weekend. If you want to lock down some Danishes or loaves of rye, you can place an order by emailing If you happen to stop by today, let us know what you think.