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Chipotle's Lettuce Shortage, Venetian Behemoth Grows in Gowanus, and More Intel

Ninth Ward is closing this month, plus more restaurant news from around New York City.

[Palm Court at The Plaza Hotel]
[Palm Court at The Plaza Hotel]
Daniel Krieger

Chipotle locations throughout the city were running out of lettuce yesterday because the chain changed up how it tests and ships the greens as a response to the recent E. coli outbreak. A Chipotle rep tells the Daily News that the lettuce shortage was due to an "ordering glitch," but more lettuce is on the way and "restaurants should be resupplied accordingly."

An ambitious businessman named Alex Donskoi plans to open a 550-seat Venetian-themed restaurant adjacent to the Gowanus Canal. Donskoi tells DNAinfo: "My dream is that this is going to be Venice, and it should be....How beautiful will it be when the canal is clean?" He's been saving reclaimed wood for this restaurant, dubbed 421 Bond St., for the last 18 years. The restaurant received initial support from the CB6 for a liquor license, but the opening date is still probably several years away. Donskoi envisions a "Venetian taxi" that will ferry guests from Downtown Manhattan to his restaurant via the Gowanus Canal.

Ligaya Mishan files her impressions of four new restaurants serving the trendiest dish of February 2016: poké. Her favorite of the bunch is Sons of Thunder in Murray Hill: "The fish (ahi or salmon) is beautifully fresh and well cut, in hunks large enough to give a sense of plushness on the tongue. These may arrive under a gloss of shoyu (Japanese soy sauce) and sesame oil, with tracks of alaea salt and hijiki (seaweed), subtle and as essential as ligatures. Or a chile aioli whose slow-burn heat hums in the mouth without igniting it."

Todd Price of the Times-Picayune points out that the website for forthcoming West Village restaurant Gentilly "serves an impressive amount of misinformation, condescension and cliches." It looks like the proprietors of the New Orleans-themed restaurant actually changed the verbiage on the homagepage since Price wrote about it earlier this week. But apparently, the "about us" section originally explained: "Locals of New Orleans say Gentilly is where the quintessential magic of their culture comes from. The historical neighborhood has its own spirit - blending soulful musicians, cutting edge chefs, and southern traditions. Until now, the taste of this area has yet to be merged with the skilled hands of New York City. "

— And speaking of New Orleans-themed New York establishments, Second Avenue bar Ninth Ward is closing after service on Valentine's Day. EV Grieve hears that the new-ish owners of the building plan to gut the space and convert it to condos. The owners of Ninth Ward also operate nearby Kingston Hall and Shoolbreads, and they're planning a New Orleans-themed restaurant in the old 10 Degrees Bistro space.

— Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk had lunch at Amaranth on the Upper East Side yesterday.

— Sara Jenkins is going to be serving Porchetta's roasted pork sandwiches at Humboldt & Jackson tonight and tomorrow night. During this pop-up, the restaurant will also be offering tap beer from Braven Brewing Co.

The Rouge Wine Bar space at 94 Rivington Street is now on the market. An online listing notes that rent is $7,572 per month. The wine bar is still open for business.

— The Happiest hour is throwing a Super Bowl party this weekend with food and drink specials like buckets of High Life for $20, and a dozen wings for $10. If you want a table, it's $50 per person, and reservations can be made by emailing

— And finally, here's an ode to the great English breakfast, from Eater's resident carnivore Nick Solares: