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Salvation Burger Cometh: Menu to Include Smoked Hot Dogs, S'mores Pie, and Jalapeño Poppers

The Spotted Pig team's restaurant in the Pod 51 Hotel is almost ready for liftoff.

[April Bloomfield at The Spotted Pig]
[April Bloomfield at The Spotted Pig]
nick Solares

Around this time next week, Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield will pull the curtain off their first new Manhattan restaurant in three long years. Salvation Burger was #3 on Eater's list of most-anticipated fall openings, but due to some typical opening delays, the grand debut was pushed back a few months. But now those fat, juicy patties are about to hit the grill, and the fancy jalapeño poppers are about to take a bath in some hot, golden oil.  Buckle up, and please keep your hands and arms inside the restaurant at all times. We're headed into uncharted burger territory. (Midtown East.)

Bloomfield has been tinkering with the burgers over the last few weeks. Here's a peek at the badass wood-fired grill that she's going to be using:

A photo posted by @salvationburger on

The burgers are made with grass-fed beef that's dry-aged for five weeks and butchered in-house. The veggie burger is partially inspired by Korean soondae, a blood sausage, although this one is made with beets and vermicelli. The menu will also include "choux-pastry jalapeño poppers," a beet salad, and a house-smoked hot dog with giardiniera and mustard made from scratch. And for dessert, Salvation Burger will serve s'mores pie. Stay tuned for more details on the impending opening of Salvation Burger, as they become available.

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