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Rainbow Doughnuts Will Temporarily Distract You From the Ennui of Modern Life in the Big City

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No word yet on whether the bakery is also offering rainbow doughnut holes.

[Instagram/Moe's Doughs]

People lined up for rainbow bagels, and so Moe's Doughs in Greenpoint decided to start making and selling rainbow doughnuts. Food Baby approves of these colorful cake doughnuts. The bakery's Instagram account shows a chocolate-covered version in addition to the original — you might call that one a surprise-inside rainbow doughnut. People have not started lining up for these suckers yet, but that could change at any minute. Moe's sold out of them on the first day.  New York hasn't reached its novelty pastry saturation point yet and it's hard to say when — or if — that will happen.

If this thing starts flying across Instagram, the Moe's team better be prepared to handle the onslaught of novelty pastry chasers, or else they, too, could implode like the Bagel Store. If you spot any other rainbow-colored circular confections out there, or any other novelty foods that people are lining up for, let us know.

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