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Seamstress Team Debuts Belle Shoals, a Southern Comfort Food Bar in Williamsburg

The menu includes biscuits and chicken-fried skate wing on a biscuit.

Andrew Kist

The team from the Upper East Side's Seamstress is bringing Southern cocktails and comfort food to Williamsburg at Belle Shoals, a new bar and restaurant opening at 10 Hope St. on Monday night. Former Dead Rabbit bartender and Seamstress founding member Pamela Wiznitzer is in charge of the drink menu, while chef Aaron LaMonica, a San Diego implant who's executive sous chef at Chelsea Market's Cull and Pistol, is taking care of the biscuits and fried foods.

According to the proprietors, the food and drink menu is based around the idea that Belle Shoals is a fictional town with a love for blues. Cocktails include Southern themed options like the Lil' Slice of Heaven, which has mellow corn, blackstrap molasses, dry curacao, benedictine, pecan orgeat, and lemon; and the Boss Peaches' Sunday Tea, with sweet tea syrup, peach moonshine, cinnamon, and lemon. For food, LaMonica offers a small menu including chicken-fried skate wing, fried duck leg, and a fried oyster po' boy. Take a look at the full menu below, and let us know if you stop by tonight.