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Brooks Headley Throws New York a Freaking Bone

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The chef has increased the hours of operation at his veggie burger restaurant nearly threefold.

Previously, if you wanted one of Brooks Headley's veggie burgers or charred broccoli salads, you had to line up at Superiority Burger at night, and fight for counter inches/seating in the tiny space.  If the place was a zoo, you then had to decamp to Tompkins Square Park, or a nearby bar that was cool with you housing some sloppy food. The acclaimed vegetarian restaurant was only open for four hours, six days a week. This was not an optimal set-up during the winter months, in particular. But now, Brooks is throwing New York a freaking bone:


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Superiority lunch, every day but Tuesday. Now you can eat a Superiority Burger at 3 p.m. on a Saturday — AKA the "veggie burger magic hour." Even if you had brunch or breakfast, odds are you're still a bit hungry at this time, but you won't be too full for dinner.

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