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The Return of Red Star Bar, Silver Spurs Slasher Arrested, and More Intel

NYU students mourn the loss of Dahlia's liquor license, plus more news and gossip from around NYC.

[The dining room at Decoy in the West Village]
[The dining room at Decoy in the West Village]
Daniel Krieger

Cozinha Latina has now fully transitioned back into its former identity, Red Star Bar. For a few months, this Greenpoint restaurant served Brazilian food from Shanna Pacifico along with tropical cocktails, but the chef and many of the key FOH team members left in January. Now it's back to serving beer and wings. Owner Eric Hall tells Greenpointers: "Sometimes you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Well, we’re back."

Police arrested the 16-year-old who slashed a Silver Spurs busboy in the face last week. The teen, Dominico Howington, came into the Greenwich Village restaurant to ask for donations for his basketball team, and a busboy by the name of Bobby Barbot told him to leave.  The kid tried to punch the employee, but Barbot swung back and knocked him to the ground. Howington left the restaurant and returned a few hours later with a box cutter, which he used to slash Barbot in the face. The Silver Spurs employee got 147 stitches, and now Howington faces charges of criminal possession of a weapon and assault. Barbot tells DNAinfo: "I’m very happy because the cops did the work they had to do."

Dahlia's, the East Village Mexican restaurant that recently got busted for serving cocktails to high school kids, was also quite popular with underage NYU students. A sophomore by the name of Taber Brown tells the campus paper: "I was definitely sad to hear about Dahlia’s, but when I read the news article with my roommate we couldn’t help but laugh because we were not surprised in the slightest."  The restaurant had its liquor license suspended after the bust.

A new location of orange chicken purveyor Panda Express is coming to the corner of 46th Street and Ninth Avenue. Someone took a Sharpie to the plywood. The message: "Panda Express?!? A mall restaurant?!? Get the fuck out of Hell's Kitchen!!"

— Metrograph, a combination indie movie theater/bar/restaurant, is slated to open on Ludlow Street on March 2. The theater recently hosted a star-studded preview of Terrence Malick's new film.

Modern Family star Jessie Tyler Fergusuon is gearing up to open a Broadway play about a New York restaurant host. The actor tells Cindy Adams: "It’s a one-man comedy about a reservationist with a headset, me on the phone juggling at New York’s hottest upscale Michelin-starred restaurant."

A restaurant in Geneva, NY is adding a 4.7 percent "NYS Labor Surcharge" to its bill as a response to the recent minimum wage hike.

Coolio is serving his veggie chili at Hill Country Brooklyn tonight.

When he's not making vegan food at Cinnamon Snail, chef/restaurateur Adam Sobel teaches yoga in New Jersey and takes care of a pet wallaby.

— And finally, here's a look at Super Taste's hand-pulled noodles: