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East Village Margarita Mill Dahlia's Busted for Hosting Teen Rager

The restaurant got slapped with 55 violations from the SLA.


On January 30, Dahlia's on the corner of East Fifth and Second Avenue hosted a private margarita party for more than 40 minors. Police inspected the Mexican restaurant — formerly known as Mary Ann's — after someone called 911 to report underage drinking. When the police showed up, all the exits were locked. The cops found 43 kids under the age of 18 knocking back margaritas and mojitos. One of the revelers was only 15 years old. The Post reports that six staff members were arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, criminal nuisance, and unlawfully dealing with a child.

Last Tuesday, the SLA issued an emergency suspension of Dahlia's liquor license, which was held by operator Huascar Then. At last week's meeting, SLA Charman Vincent Bradley remarked: "In addition to demonstrating a total disregard for the law by blatantly catering to minors, this licensee further jeopardized the health and safety of these young patrons by crowding them into a locked bar to avoid detection by law enforcement."

The Post notes that many of the kids were from Westchester County suburbs like Larchmont and Scarsdale.  Dahlia's is still open, but it's not serving any liquor right now.