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Black Tap Milkshake Copycat, Ippudo Beer Slushies, and More Intel

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Plus: Jing Fong's space may be knocked down, and Breads Bakery is close to opening its Lincoln Center location.

The dining room at The Clocktower
The dining room at The Clocktower
Nick Solares

— The building containing Chinatown dim sum restaurant Jing Fong's behemoth space may be knocked down. Bowery Boogie hears that property owner Alex Chu is planning to turn the building into an extension of the Joie de Vivre hotel next door. Already, two restaurants in Jing Fong's building have closed, and the blog hears that other tenants are only getting short-term leases. Even though Jing Fong's banquet hall space may go, word is that the restaurant itself will likely reopen in the new development.

— Black Tap's Instagram-friendly milkshakes have started the lifecyle of novelty sweets: they're getting copycats. Westchester chef Nick Di Bona, owner of restaurant Madison Kitchen, has been posting pictures to his Instagram of milkshakes with a slew of toppings outside of the glass, in a fashion similar to Black Tap's creations. Options from Di Bona include a Twinkie milkshake, a rainbow cookie milkshake, and an Oreo milkshake, made with ice cream from Di Bona's line Bona Bona. That said, the decorations are not quite as elaborate as Black Tap's, which have gone as far as to put an entire slice of cake on a milkshake.

— Ippudo's East Village location is back in business after its brief closure to renovate the space. The restaurant's new beer bar up front has beer slushies made with Kirin Ichiban, and come May, it will be offering a bigger menu with more veggie ramen options.

— A woman filed suit against a Bronx food distributor for forcing her to work in a noxious "onion room" while she was pregnant after she complained about conditions. Aracelis Puente, 39, says she suffered severe asthma attacks in the room at Baldor Specialty Foods due to strong odors and a broken ventilation machine.

— Breads Bakery's new Lincoln Center location is getting closer to opening. An exact date isn't set yet, but the bakery is starting to preview the space next week.

— Toronto veggie-forward restaurant The Acorn is popping up in New York for five nights with a 5-course vegan tasting menu. Tickets cost $99.

— Hip coffee roaster Pushcart Coffee opened a coffee shop in Brooklyn's tallest high-rise and named it after the luxury developer that built it. But Ava Brew, named for developer Avalon Bay, still aims to act as a local community place, just like Pushcart Coffee locations. "Developers are kind of infamous in New York as the evil guy, but we found that our experience with Avalon Bay has been really positive," Jamie Rogers, co-owner of Pushcart Coffee, tells Brooklyn Paper. "They really, really want to make sure that we succeed for building a community for our shop."

— East Village vegan ice cream shop Blythe Anne's is no more. Owner Blythe Anne Boyd is hoping to reopen in the near future.

— And finally, here's how to make naked cakes like Christina Tosi from Milk Bar:

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