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Estela Sequel Cafe Altro Paradiso Gears Up for Opening [Updated]

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An employee said it will officially debut on Monday.

Cafe Altro Paradiso
Cafe Altro Paradiso
Eater NY

The official opening of the Estela team's highly anticipated new restaurant Cafe Altro Paradiso is now imminent. A walk-by on Thursday night of Ignacio Mattos and Thomas Carter's project at 234 Spring St. found Carter milling about a dining room filled with people. A tipster tells us that an employee at the door said it was the first night of the soft open, and the restaurant's slated to make its grand debut on Monday. Cafe Altro Paradiso will offer Italian comfort food, including menu items like ziti with broccoli and anchovies, bollito misto, and lardo lasagnette. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Update: Team Estela tells Eater that last night's service was actually friends and family not a soft open (as the hostess mentioned last night) so maybe don't descend on the place over the weekend? Also they mention diners shouldn't necessarily expect the above dishes (photographed here for a Times profile). Stay tuned for more info as it trickles out.

Cafe Altro Paradiso [NYC]

234 Spring St., New York, NY 10013