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Silver Spurs Slashing, Northern Spy's Farewell, and More Intel

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Ozone Park pizza wars flare up, plus more news and gossip from around NYC.

Sammy's Roumanian Steakhouse on the Lower East Side
Sammy's Roumanian Steakhouse on the Lower East Side
Daniel Krieger

A panhandler slashed a waiter in the face at Silver Spoons in Greenwich Village last night. The incident occurred after the employee asked the homeless man to leave the restaurant. The waiter was rushed to Bellevue Hospital, where he received 120 stitches in his face. The  Silver Spurs employees was released from the hospital this morning and police are still looking for the homeless man.

— Northern Spy Food Co. closed for good last night:

A photo posted by Northern Spy (@northernspyfood) on

Business at the restaurant dropped over the last few years. In a statement released earlier this month, restaurateurs Chris Ronis and Christophe Hille explained: "We're hanging it up while we still have the buttons on our pants."

— Cherry Bombe magazine's third annual Jubilee conference will be held at the High Line Hotel on April 10.  The lineup for this year's event includes Angela Dimayuga, Gael Greene, Mimi Sheraton, Melissa Clark, and Emma Bengtsson. Tickets are $225.

The Appiz space on Eldridge Street just hit the market. Rent is $7,500 per month, and the landlord is asking for $240,000 in key money. The pizzeria briefly went dark last summer, but it returned for the fall. The owners quietly shut things down earlier this year.

— The grandson of an Ozone Park pizzeria owner tried to torch a rival restaurateur's Mercedes-Benz, but he accidentally set his pant leg on fire. According to the Daily News, the young man, Gino Gabrielli, decided to destroy the car after its owner beat his grandpa to a $1,300 catering contract. Gabrielli's grandpa operates Aldo's Pizza, and his rival runs Sofia's Pizzeria. The young man was arraigned on federal arson charges yesterday.

Ligaya Mishan tries the sweet and savory mush at OatMeals in Greenwich Village: "Truffle RisOATto (the name is trademarked) banishes all memory of the oatmeal at its base, with a snowfall of Parmesan and truffle oil insinuating itself into every cranny. This is recommended with a spoonful of heavy cream; don’t bother abstaining from it, if you’ve come this far."

— Rumor: The owners of The Dark Room are looking to sell the club.

Second Avenue Italian restaurant Cacio e Vino recently got a revamp, and instead of a fish-heavy menu, the owners switched the focus back to Sicilian-style wood-fired pizzas.

Cavala Cafe in Inwood lost its liquor license after it got busted for serving alcohol to minors on several occasions.

— And finally, here's how the Breads team makes chocolate babka:

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