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Rainbow Bagel Store Buckles Under the Weight of Novelty Food Trend Craze

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The Bedford Avenue location is closing temporarily for renovations.

Foursquare/Nicholas D.

The rainbow bagel's viral popularity has been too much for The Bagel Store — the Bedford Avenue location in South Williamsburg is closing temporarily to regroup in light of being slammed every day, the marketing coordinator tells Gothamist. They've been selling out of the 800 novelty bagel swirled with colors daily and wanted to do basic maintenance on the store, Francine LaBarbara says. "We needed to revisit everything that's happening, to make the shop better," she says. In light of the novelty food hit, the Bagel Store has also trademarked "Rainbow Bagels" and stopped taking reservations for the product, requiring people to line up if they want one, according to the website.

Of course, people really gunning for a multicolored bread product can head to the other Williamsburg location of The Bagel Store at 754 Metropolitan Ave., which remains open and has also been busy. Just note that Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson of "Broad City" visited Stephen Colbert recently with the bagels and said that they taste like lip gloss. Check out the clip below: