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See the New 'American Dreams' Menu for U.P., Dominique Ansel's Desserts Tasting Table

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The seven-course menu includes items called "White Picket Fence" and "#GoingViral."

U.P., Dominique Ansel's tasting table
U.P., Dominique Ansel's tasting table
Evan Sung

Cronut king Dominique Ansel has a new theme for U.P., his desserts-only tasting table in Dominique Ansel Kitchen. The after-hours menu will be centered around "American Dreams," with dessert names like "Eureka!," "Wall Street," and "Peace." A "White Picket Fence" is themed around the '50s and includes a pop-up picture book with houses, passion fruit, pickled persimmon, a lemon, pink pepper, and saffron spice blend, and shiso. Later on in the meal, a "#GoingViral" dessert features little edible filters meant to represent Instagram, with flavors inspired by wine. Mixologist Jim Meehan will be creating drink pairings.

Going Viral
#GoingViral dessert from Dominique Ansel's tasting table
Evan Sung

U.P., an abbreviation for Unlimited Possibilities, launched last summer with a tasting menu around "first memories." Tickets for the new seven-course menu start at $85-per-person, while cocktail pairings are $45-per-person, and only two seatings are available each weekend. They go on sale on Friday at noon and will then launch on the first of every month for the following month. Check out the full menu below:

Dominique Ansel Kitchen

137 7th Avenue South, New York, NY