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Mimi Sheraton's 90th Birthday, Salvation Burgers on 'Late Night,' and More Intel

La Sirena readies its rolling aperitivo cart, plus more restaurant news and gossip from around NYC.

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The dining room at Humboldt and Jackson.
The dining room at Humboldt and Jackson.
Daniel Krieger

— Today is former Times critic Mimi Shertaton's 90th birthday. No word yet on how the legendary food writer is celebrating this very special day, but odds are the festivities won't involve bialy sandwiches from Kossar's. Sheraton recently published 1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die.

Mario Batali's new restaurant, La Sirena, is physically huge. But the chef and his team are ready to handle the volume: "We’ve had to come up with a thousand new ways to serve larger volumes of people in a way that is quirky and intelligent and whimsical and satisfying. We’re gonna have a rolling aperitivo cart to serve people cheese and balsamic while they wait for their tables. The kitchen’s a nice size, but the infrastructure’s a little tough—to get down to the walk-ins it’s like four flights of stairs—but you know, that’s not that bad." La Sirena is slated to open tomorrow night.

— Here's April Bloomfield cooking Salvation Burgers with Seth Meyers and Aidy Bryant:

Bloomfield's new restaurant is opening today. Stay tuned for a tour of the space later this morning.

A Big Lebowski-themed restaurant is now open in Robins, Iowa. It's actually the only restaurant in this tiny town.

— The paper has come down from the windows of Pasquale Jones, the new Mulberry Street Italian restaurant from the Charlie Bird team.

A tipster writes in: "Looks like they're having a NYFW party, the Man Repeller just walked out."

Scarr's Pizza, a new slice shop at 22 Orchard Street, has a vintage Pepsi sign, leather booths, and a luncheonette-style counter with stools. The team is waiting for Con Ed to hook up the gas, but it could open as early as this weekend.

— A programmer mapped out all of the Starbucks locations throughout Manhattan. The average distance between stores is 5.6 blocks.

— Bernie Sanders is going to have lunch with Al Sharpton at Silvia's in Harlem today.

Steve Cuozzo pays a visit to the recently-reopened Carnegie Deli: "Even if you’re desperate for a 'Fifty Ways to Love Your Liver' combo (don’t ask), I suggest you wait a few weeks. They were in 'soft opening' mode yesterday, not yet fully staffed and unable to speedily deliver dishes to the cranky group next to me. (Managers apologized and brought them extras.)"

Tribeca comfort food restaurant Cornerstone Grill has been closed for renovations for several weeks, but it will return soon. In other neighborhood news, Palermo Pizza is officially dunzo.

EV Grieve points out that 15 small East Village restaurants have either closed or announced plans to close so far this year.

A former employee of Park East Kosher butcher shop claims that he was fired after complaining about how the food was infested with bugs. The Post reports that the ex-worker is suing the owners for allegedly violating the federal Food Safety Modernization Act.

Bedford Avenue is one of America's most expensive retail corridors. So it's not surprising that nearby mom-and-pop restaurants like Nita Nita have closed due to exorbitant rent increases.

Fairway is going through a rough patch right now. The company's net losses were listed at $35.7 million for the last quarter of 2015.

New York critic Adam Platt is not a fan of waiting in line for food: "Only a fool lines up in his or her hometown for Greenmarket eggs, or barbecue, or the latest trendy veggie burger for longer than 15 minutes, which remains the optimum amount of time. "

— And finally, here's a brief history of Peking Duck: