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Frank's Pizza Express Returns After Closing Last Summer

The 66-year-old venerable slice joint is back, but is the pizza the same?

Frank's Pizza

Frank's Pizza Express is up and running again. Last August, the lights went dark, and the telephone was disconnected at the 66-year old Gramercy slice joint. The sign on the door at the time indicated that there was an issue with the oven and that the restaurant would soon reopen. As summer turned to fall and the Frank's remained closed, it appeared that the city had lost another classic establishments, albeit it one with rather average pizza.

But Frank's Pizza Express is back. The menu is the same, and even the telephone number has been reclaimed. A worker reports that the issue was with the gas and that the restaurant is still under the same management. But is the pizza the same? A cursory observation of the pies on display last week revealed some specimens that didn't quite look like the ones this reporter has sampled in the past. Still, if you are were regular there and happen to return, do let us know what you think.

Frank's Express Pizza

127 E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010 (212) 979-5469 Visit Website