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Black Tap Milkshakes Are New York's Latest Line-Inducing Novelty Sweets

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Cronuts had a good run. But there's a new dessert fad in town.

The line outside Black Tap MePa on Saturday.
The line outside Black Tap MePa on Saturday.
Nick Solares

Congratulations to the proprietors of 10-month-old comfort food restaurant Black Tap Burgers & Beer, because they've single-handedly launched New York's latest dessert craze. The people in this photo are lining up for the restaurant's elaborately garnished milkshakes. The menu has 12 varieties, including cotton candy, sweet 'n' salty, and Oreo cookies & cream. They're priced at $7 and $15, and diners can add shots of booze to them, if they so desire. According to the Post, the big ones have somewhere in the ballpark of 1,600 calories.

These drinks were added to the menu in November, and immediately blew up on Instagram. Steve Cuozzo sampled them last week — this photo is priceless — and the sugary drinks also appeared on the Today Show and The Chew at the end of January. Lines are regularly forming outside of both the original Soho location of Black Tap and its Meatpacking District spinoff.

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According to the rules of novelty sweets, a nearby business will soon start serving similar desserts, and then a national chain will become aware of the trend and start offering copycats as well. If you spot any imitators out there — or any particularly bonkers lines — let us know.