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A Guide to Obnoxious Hotel Restaurant Bathrooms (And How to Find Them)

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These great hotel restaurants have bathrooms that are impossible to find

[Narcissa in The Standard East Village]
[Daniel Krieger]

Some of New York’s most exciting restaurants are located in hotels these days. And many of these establishments have bathrooms that are located across lobbies, inside basements, or hidden around corners where you’d never expect to find them. (Maybe someday, the great restaurateurs of this city will take a cue from Stephen Starr, whose smash hit Le Coucou is a hotel restaurant that features facilities inside the main space.) Here, now, is Eater’s official list of Obnoxious Hotel Restaurant Bathrooms, with notes on how to find them.

The Nomad: Leave the restaurant, cross the lobby in the direction of the front door, hang a hard right, go down the spiral staircase, and make a left once you hit the basement. The bathrooms will be on your right at the end of the shallow hallway.

Marta: Leave the restaurant, turn left down the hallway in the direction of the front desk. Traverse the ramp or the short flight of stairs and then pull a right down the second hallway. Keep going straight past the lobby, the lobby bar, and the elevator bank, and they’ll be on your left.

Narcissa: Leave the restaurant via the door in the southwest corner of the main dining room. Walk three paces into the lobby then go left, down the long flight of concrete stairs, into the basement. The bathrooms — a series of unisex stalls in a long row — are to your left.

The Breslin/John Dory: Leave the restaurant, and head through the lobby to the western portion of the space. Pop a right at the stairwell and walk down to the basement. Bathrooms are on your right (men) or left (women) down the hallway. If you’re in The Breslin, you can also enter a door near the host podium, walk down a flight of stairs, open the door to the basement, and hang a left. The hallway with the bathrooms is also accessible via a stairwell near the kitchen of The JDOB.

Augustine: Leave the restaurant via the door to the right of the bar, head straight to the back of the lobby, down a flight of stairs, and then you’ll find the facilities on the lower level.

Massoni: Go into the lobby, go up the stairs on the left, and you’ll find one solo bathroom on the right and one solo bathroom on the left.

The Standard Grill: It’s a subterranean lair that's accessible via doors in the dining room and on the patio. Bring a snack.

Oleanders: It’s funny that you’re in this predicament in the first place. But the bathrooms can be found by exiting the restaurant via a door on the eastern wall, next to the bar. Pull a right and walk down the hallway.

La Sirena: Go to the back of the restaurant, past that sprawling bar, and enter the lobby. The bathrooms are located on the eastern wall behind the front desk.

Salvation Taco: Yet another subterranean situation, accessible via the lobby.

Reynard: Exit via the door between the bar and the main dining room. The bathrooms are a few paces to the left, and they’re unisex. Alternately, you can exit via the front door and head toward then front desk, then make a sharp right.

Did we miss any? Please let us know in the comments.

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