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Christian Delouvrier Claims ‘Consulting’ Role in Majorelle; Mario Fortuna to Run the Kitchen

The former Lespinasse chef clarifies his involvement with the Moroccan-inspired restaurant that's opening soon

[Lowell Hotel Photo; Christian Delouvrier Photo]

It appears that Christian Delouvrier, the celebrated French chef who earned four stars as chef at Lespinasse in the St. Regis hotel, will not actually be the executive chef at Majorelle, the Lowell hotel's new restaurant run by Charles Masson, who formerly helmed his family's restaurant La Grenouille. Masson has brought in chef Mario Fortuna, formerly sous chef at La Grenouille to oversee the kitchen at the Moroccan inspired restaurant, due to open this winter. "I have been there since June and given my input, but my contract finishes the end of December,'' revealed Delouvrier. "I will continue to go once a week in January, but in February I am going to Mexico to promote a different project. I don't know if I will go back in March but I will continue to be a consultant.''

Masson maintains that Delouvrier is still the restaurant's chef. "I am shocked to say the least!,'' he exclaimed. "Christian is on our payroll and as far as I know this is untrue. I know he is going on vacation, but he is contractually our chef and we may open in February.''

Hopefully, Delouvrier will return from Mexico by then.

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