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Da Silvano, Celebrity Hot Spot and Local Legend, Closes After 41 Years

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Owner Silvano Marchetto blames rising restaurant costs

Da Silvano Daniel Krieger

Legendary Greenwich Village Italian restaurant Da Silvano has closed for good after more than 40 years in business. The Post reports that owner Silvano Marchetto could no longer keep up with rising operating costs, from higher minimum wages to a $41,000-per-month rent. The restaurant opened in 1975 and was best known for being a celebrity magnet, counting people like Rihanna, Katherine Heigl, Sean Penn, Owen Wilson, Madonna, and Anna Wintour as diners. The Tuscan restaurant was also one of the first places to serve regional Italian dishes other than the "red sauce" fare common in the city.

The restaurant, at 260 6th Ave., hosted a lot of drama over the years. Marchetto famously had a long running feud with Giovanni Tognozzi, owner of fellow celebrity hangout Bar Pitti next door. Marchetto and Tognozzi once worked together, but over the years, they went through multiple lawsuits, street fights, and screaming matches on the sidewalk.

It was also frequently the backdrop for Page Six fodder due to its famous clientele. Someone once threw a smoke bomb in the outdoor area, an incident that counted Charmed actress Rose McGowan as a victim. In 2013, art dealer Tony Shafrazi cursed out actor Owen Wilson as he dined on the patio, and in 2004, a prince from Britain allegedly told black diners to "go back to the colonies," according to the Post.

Marchetto tells the Post that he’s done forever. Da Silvano had its last dinner service on Tuesday night.

Da Silvano

260 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10012