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Long Island-Inspired Restaurant Steamrolls Into the East Village

Out East aims to “transport guests away from the city for a night”

Out East Google Maps

The team behind a new restaurant opening in the East Village takes some key influences from the illustrious body of land called Long Island. Out East, at 509 East 6th St. near Avenue A, is the brainchild of chef Tim Meyers (an alum of Charlie Bird), Peter Kane (a partner in Beauty & Essex and Stanton Social), and Anthony Serignese (formerly of Beauty & Essex and Stanton Social). The two-level, more than 100-seat restaurant is opening in January, and according to a statement from the restaurant, Out East will serve "New American fare with influences from the coastal regions of Long Island." It’s largely inspired by the beach, which is the partners’ "preferred downtime destination."

Practically speaking, that means the menu will be rich with seafood, including a particular focus on a raw bar. Dishes include a scallop crudo with black olive, Meyer lemon, and celery, and a black bass carpaccio with pomegranate, rose, and pistachio. Besides raw dishes, Meyers will offer dishes like a smoked trout and a grilled pappardelle with rabbit.

Apparently the restaurant will be a spot for any New Yorkers who want to leave the city but do not want to actually go to Long Island: "Out East is the stylish, coastal cosmopolitan, downtown dining destination that transports guests away from the city for a night," a statement says. It’s not yet clear what that will mean for decor and accoutrements. Kane’s known for producing hit scenester spots with seemingly outlandish elements, though. A Long Island-inspired restaurant may sound ridiculous, but so did Beauty & Essex’s bartender in the ladies room thing when it first debuted in 2010.