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Michelin-Starred Sushi Restaurant Soto to Close This Month

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Park Slope favorite Sushi Katseui will take over the space, the landlord says

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Stylish and two Michelin-starred sushi restaurant Soto will close later this month after nearly a decade in the West Village, the landlord confirms. Chef Sotohiro Kosugi, who arrived in New York after making a name in Atlanta, plans to relocate to Japan, according to building owner Georgi Tomov. Over the years, the third-generation sushi chef turned Soto into one of the top sushi destinations in the city. The restaurant at 357 Sixth Ave., known for Kosugi’s creative use of uni, will shut its doors after December 10th. Kosugi did not immediately respond to request for comment.

It’s not all bad news for sushi lovers in the West Village. Tomov says that Sushi Katsuei from Park Slope will be moving into the space in January and making light renovations before opening in the spring. Katsuei’s considered one of the better sushi restaurants in Brooklyn, where mediocre roll places run wild. It’s known for the great value of its omakases, an under $50 affair that Times Hungry City columnist Ligaya Mishan called "one all-star after another" in a 2014 review. It’s not entirely clear if the new West Village location will maintain a lower price point or if it will bring things up to Soto’s level. The team at the restaurant was not immediately available for comment. The landlord, though, is confident that quality will remain the same.. "It’s not going to be a drastic change in what you see," Tomov says. "It’s the same kind of food — high end and excellent." Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.


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