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Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare Makes the Move to Manhattan

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Under the cloak of night, a fine dining temple relocates to a brand new borough

[César Ramirez and his crew at the original Chef’s Table]
[Daniel Krieger]

The Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, one of America’s most acclaimed fine dining restaurants, moved from Downtown Brooklyn to Hell’s Kitchen earlier this week. Chef César Ramirez didn’t tell anyone about the move, except for his staff and his guests, but now the three Michelin-star tasting counter is up and running in a space attached to the 37th Street location of the Brooklyn Fare grocery store. Last night, an employee explained that the move happened on Tuesday and that the Downtown Brooklyn restaurant was "temporarily closed." Diners who made reservations for this week received calls explaining the relocation just a few days ago.

Last January, Eater critic Ryan Sutton awarded four stars to The Chef’s Table in its original Brooklyn location. Sutton wrote:

Give Ramirez credit: he's turned his Tasting Temple by Cesar into something larger, a proper restaurant that's less about the chef and more about the guest, and a venue that still feels as relevant as ever as its strengths switch from the cutting edge (which it still embodies) to the classic (which it's becoming). That's aging with grace. That's your four-star replacement for Per Se.

Rumors about the move started bubbling up last February. César and his crew have not said anything about what will happen to the original Chef’s Table space, but word on the street is that it will eventually reopen as another restaurant from the team, possibly one with a Mediterranean slant.

A tipster who dined at Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare last night sends word that the space has 18 seats at a counter, plus four tables for small parties. The meal is comprised of 13 courses — 11 savory and two sweet. Here’s a glimpse at the new counter and kitchen:

And here’s a rundown of the dishes that were served last night:

Trout roe, trout pâté in shell

Uni with black truffle and brioche


Wagyu beef

Langoustine ravioli

Kaluga caviar w/ egg sabayon

White truffles over rice

Goldeneye snapper

King crab with Granny Smith apple and Bartlett pear

Sorbet with finger lime

Ocean trout

Frozen soufflé with red beans

Lobster with radish and kelp

As you may recall, several years ago Ramirez and partner Moe Issa announced plans to open the Manhattan space as a more casual restaurant with French and Italian influences, helmed by Colorado expat Jared Sippel. The project withered on the vine and Sippel moved onto a new restaurant, Italienne.

If you happen to stop by the new Brooklyn Fare, please let us know what you think.

Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare

431 West 37th Street, Manhattan, NY 10018 (718) 243-0050 Visit Website

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