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Chicago Hitmaker Brendan Sodikoff Opens 4 Charles Prime Rib With Diner Burger

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The West Village restaurant looks like a throwback steakhouse

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4 Charles Prime Rib Robert Sietsema

Esteemed Chicago restaurateur Brendan Sodikoff — best known for the renowned burger from Au Cheval — opened the doors to his first New York restaurant 4 Charles Prime Rib on Tuesday. The West Village restaurant, at 4 Charles St., is open to "friends, family, and regulars" from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m., Tuesday through Saturday. It’s unclear who counts as a regular considering they literally just opened, but presumably anybody can walk in for dinner. Sodikoff himself posted a photo to Facebook that says it's open without any caveats, besides no reservations.

The team’s keeping quiet about the opening, but according to a menu posted to an Instagram story, the nationally acclaimed burger from Au Cheval will be available with single and double patties on a portion of the menu labeled "late night." (See update.) The restaurant otherwise looks like it will serve versions of standard steakhouse fare. Options include raw oysters, steak tartare, shrimp cocktail, a gem lettuce house salad, lamb chops, dry aged bone-in rib steak, and a cacio e pepe pasta. Sodikoff’s beverage director at Hogsalt, Jean Tomaro also posted a photo of a giant sundae on a doily and a platter of toppings.

The space itself seems to evoke old-school prime rib houses, with oversized reddish booths, wood paneling, mirrors, and chandeliers, according to photos from the team. Hogsalt’s operations director Ryan Wagner writes that they even have "an antique hen full of Werther’s originals." Eater Chicago’s team says that the decor looks similar to Sodikoff’s steakhouse Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf, a hit that spurred a new set of chic, throwback steakhouses in Chicago. Stay tuned for more details as they become available, and let us know what you think if you stop by.


Update: A representative from the restaurant says that since the menu was posted on Instagram on Tuesday night, the team has updated the menu so that it no longer labels the burger as "Au Cheval." It is instead a Hogsalt-style diner burger, and it will be available all during dinner. The restaurant's still in soft opening and is changing things constantly, she says.


Update 2: The Instagram embeds previously posted in this story have been deleted from their original source. Here's a screenshot of the sundae.

4 Charles Prime Rib Sundae

Mike Chau, best known as Food Baby's dad, also took a bunch of photos, which can be seen here.

4 Charles Prime Rib

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