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East 12th Osteria Italian Restaurant Shut Down For Owing $190K in Taxes

It was mostly unpaid sales tax

Nick Solares

East Village Italian restaurant East 12th Osteria shut its doors this week after the state seized it for more than $190,000 in unpaid taxes. The restaurant from chef Roberto Deiaco had 14 open warrants from the government, mostly for unpaid sales tax, according to the Department of Tax and Finance. The unpaid taxes went as far back as February 2013, the year that the restaurant opened. Investigators from the state seized the restaurant on Monday. Representatives with East 12th Osteria did not immediately respond to a request for comment, though a sign on the door said that they plan to relocate.

East 12th Osteria, located at 197 First Avenue, specializes in Northern Italian food and was well-received by critics when it debuted more than three years ago. Deiaco, former chef at Armani Ristorante uptown, was particularly commended for his mastery of pastas. Despite the tax issue, it’s not necessarily the end for the restaurant. Department of Tax and Finance spokesman James Gazzale says that they are still in contact with the owner and want to work out a plan to return the business. "We never want to see this happen," he says.

East 12th Osteria

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