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The 12 Days of Poke: Union Fare on 18th Street

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Eater’s senior critic continues his survey of NYC’s trendiest dish

[Union Fare]

On the Second Day of Poke, My True Love Gave to Me…

Wipeout poke Robert Sietsema

A Wipeout from Union Fare: "Wipeout" is the first poke offered on the Union Fare poke menu, which is scrawled on a pair of surfboards hoisted above the counter. The poke contains ahi, salad, something that resembles Russian dressing, sesame seeds, and — here’s the weird part — Chinese fried noodles, like you get with your chow mein. Crunch, crunch, squish, squish — Wipeout! Like a rough day surfing at Long Island’s Ditch Plains. 6 E 18th St, 212-633-6003

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