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Election Night Cake Memes, Bar Jamon’s New Menu, and More Intel

A glimpse at what newsroom workers ate last night, plus more news and gossip from around NYC

[The dining room at Gelso & Grand in Little Italy]
[Daniel Krieger]

This cake provided some much-needed levity during last night’s presidential election. Local baker Melissa Alt spent over 50 hours making it, using four sheet cakes and a vodka-based edible paint. The New Jersey-based baker says that her team actually reached out to the presidential campaign about making the confection for election night. Alt tells People: "My manager’s friend knows Donald Trump Jr. so we asked them if they wanted the cake and they said yes....I thought it was a good opportunity and it went well." The baker also explains: "I was just trying to go for his natural pose, so that’s what I got from the photos. I wasn’t trying to make him look sad." The cake was the subject of many truly inspired memes last night, including this one:

And this one:

And this one:

Alt made a Hillary cake, too, but it never made an appearance last night.

— The other star of the Trump election party was the cash bar at the Midtown Hilton, where domestic beers were all $10 and mixed drinks cost $13. Meanwhile, over at the Javits Center, attendees of the Hillary event paid only $8 for wine and mixed drinks.

— While watching the returns last night, Andrew Carmellini contemplated opening a new restaurant in a different country:

Last night, New York Times reporters ate Greek food while the Buzzfeed crew ordered pizza and MTV staffers got burgers from Schnipper’s. Apparently, the Scripps newsroom in DC had "insane catering with waiters and an open bar," according to Wall Street Journal reporter Byron Tau.

— The Manhattan District Attorney's Office may be investigating the business dealings of John DeLucie’s former Crown Group partner Sean Largotta, Page Six reports. The restaurateurs — who operated The Lion, Crown, and Bill’s Bar & Drink together —had a messy split last year wherein Largotta’s partners accused him of using company funds to pay for his divorce and the purchase of a Land Rover. A rep for Largotta denies that any sort of investigation is underway.

Andres Fernandez, the suspect in the murder of L & B Spumoni Gardens owner Louis Barbati, was assigned a new lawyer yesterday because he could face the death penalty. Fernandez shot Barbati outside his Dyker Heights home in August in what police believe was an attempted robbery.

— On a lighter note, Anthony Sasso is rolling out a brand new menu at Bar Jamon in Gramercy, which includes beef tartare, fluke ceviche, octopus with chickpeas, and spicy chorizo with pickled peppers. The chef tells Grub Street: "I wanted to make it have more of the interactive experience of the bars all over Spain, where there’s food on display, because Bar Jamón has always been this do-it-yourself bar, where you’re handed a wine list and you come up with a meal yourself based on what’s written on the wall."

A new Bed Bath & Beyond store in Sunset Park is going to have a restaurant that will serve booze. If everything goes according to plan, it will open the weekend after Thanksgiving.

— And finally, here’s a look at the meaty spread at The Cannibal in Kips Bay: