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New York City Will Be Awash With Colorful Made Nice Recipe Bags Later This Fall

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The EMP/Nomad guys are preparing for the opening of their casual 28th Street restaurant

Daniel Humm and Will Guidara
EMP/Francesco Tonelli

Will Guidara and Daniel Humm, the duo behind The Nomad and Eleven Madison Park, are taking a little extra time to put the finishing touches on their casual 28th Street restaurant, Made Nice. The Wall Street Journal follows the EMP guys to Paris, where they consult with Antoine Ricardou, the founder/creative director of the brand identity firm be-poles, who is working with the chef and restaurateur on Made Nice, and the LA and Vegas spinoffs of The Nomad.

During one of their meetings, Humm remarked: "Made Nice is a much cheaper restaurant for us...but it’s still about the recipes." And so, in keeping with that theme, the restaurant will have carry-out bags in 16 different colors (check out a preview here) with recipes for corresponding dishes printed on the sides — things like "tomato water" and "cucumber vinaigrette." The menu will include dishes like smoked salmon with greens, cod over fennel and crispy chickpeas, and confit pork with quinoa and kale. Around 10 main menu items will be available, priced between $11 and $15. Made Nice is now about a month away from opening.

Another juicy reveal from the WSJ profile: Before the deal for The Nomad came up, Guidara and Humm were planning to open a small, 12-table Tribeca restaurant called Et Puis — "and then" in French. They had a space picked out and a major investor lined up, but it was not meant to be.

In other Humm/Guidara news, the Nomad LA will have a rooftop pool with its own restaurant, and the Vegas hotel will have an outdoor space "inspired by the Majorelle Garden in Morocco." And in furthermore Nomadness, tickets for the The Nomad Bar’s super-popular Sunday night Italian-American feast — dubbed Mamma Guidara’sare now on sale for January and February via Tock. The first batch of tickets, for the fall dinners, sold out in a flash.

Stay tuned for more details on the opening of Made Nice — the most-anticipated restaurant of fall 2016 — as they become available.

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