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Hit Tel Aviv/Paris Pita Restaurant Hamiznon/Miznon Rumored to be Expanding to NYC

Chef Eyal Shani’s falafel restaurant might be getting a hip Brooklyn sibling

[Miznon in Paris]

Is Israeli celebrity chef Eyal Shani brining his wildly popular pita cafe to NYC? All signs point to: probably, yeah. A few weeks ago, Middle Eastern news publication Haaretzfloated the rumor that Shani was planning to open an outpost of his falafel shop Hamiznon somewhere in New York City in April or March 2017. This news came from "someone connected to Shani," although the chef, who is a TV star in Israel, has yet to confirm any details himself.

The Tel Aviv-based mini-chain serves falafel sandwiches, kebabs, baked goods, dips, pickles, and vegetable dishes. Shani operates an outpost of Hamiznon in Paris’s Fourth Arrondissement — dubbed Miznon —  and he also has a spinoff in Vienna. Shortly after expanding to France, Shani told the Forward: "My vision is to take whole cities and translate them into one pita....So in this case, to take Paris’ energies, its groove, its longings, its limitations, its beauty and its food, and express all of that in one pita." Eater’s guide to Paris recommends stopping into Miznon for "one of the best sandwiches in town."

Last week, NYC-based divorce lawyer slash in-the-know food dude Tom Kretchmar tweeted: "Just heard on reasonably good information that Miznon is opening an outpost in Brooklyn." This bit of intel came second-hand from "a Miznon employee in Paris in September." If you hear anything about the location of this first New York City Miznon/Hamiznon, please let us know.

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