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Four Seasons Reboot Will Have 18-Foot Ceilings, Gold Curtains, and a Catwalk

Julian Niccolini says it “has a femininity to it“

Alex Von Bidder, Trideep Bose, and Julian Niccolini at 280 Park Avenue, From Twilight of the Four Seasons
[Alex Von Bidder, Trideep Bose, and Julian Niccolini at 280 Park Avenue, From Twilight of the Four Seasons]
Gary He

Around this time next year, Julian Niccolini and Alex von Bidder will reopen storied power restaurant The Four Seasons in its new home at 280 Park Avenue. Designed by Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld, the space will feature 50s-style furniture, marble accents, crystal & gold curtains, and warm woods, the Post reports. The ceilings will be 18 feet tall. Julian Nicollini remarks: "There is no relationship between the old and the new restaurant. The only thing we are carrying over is the name — and the sign." The main dining room will seat 150 people, and the space will have a large PDR with room for 100 guests, plus a smaller space with about 20 or 30 seats. A bar will be connected to the dining room via a catwalk-like structure. Nicollini tells the Post: "Even though it is designed by a man, it has a femininity to it that I think women will like even more than men."

The grill room at the original Four Seasons [Daniel Krieger]

Niccolini and von Bidder recently got the boot from Seagram Building landlord Aby Rosen, who decided that he’d rather open a restaurant in the famous space with the Torrisi Squad instead.  Over the years, Julian and Alex developed a loyal following among moguls and other monied people, some of whom frequented the restaurant on Thanksgiving. Apparently, the restaurant seated about 700 people on the holiday. Town & Country editor Stellene Volandes is one of the media heavy-hitters lamenting the loss of the restaurant around the holidays:

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