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Sirio Returns to Le Cirque, Grand Sichuan Closes on St. Mark’s, and More Intel

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David Chang has ambitious plans for Ando, plus more news and gossip from around NYC

[The dining room at State Bar & Grill]
[Daniel Krieger]

New York’s most famous maitre d’, Sirio Maccioni, returned to the dining room of Le Cirque this week, after a year-long absence due to an injury. While the 85-year-old restaurateur was celebrating his wife Egidiana’s birthday at Le Cirque, Michael Bloomberg and Henry Kissinger — who were having dinner together at the restaurant — stopped by his table to say hello.

The St. Mark’s Place location of dependable Chinese mini-chain Grand Sichuan is now closed. EV Grieve notes that a 30-day notice of termination is taped to the window of the restaurant. In January 2015, former staff members protested alleged wage violations and other labor practices outside the restaurant.

David Chang and his partners at delivery-only restaurant Ando raised $7 million in their first round of venture capital financing. According to the Times, the Momofuku chef plans to expand the restaurant to other markets in a way that will "dwarf all of his previous accomplishments." Chang says that with this project, he hopes to figure out how to solve some of the issues that plague restaurateurs: "How the restaurant industry at large has operated will not work moving forward....The cost structure just doesn’t work. I don’t know what the answers will be, but I’m not going to stand idle."

Steve Cuozzo loves his meal at the hottest restaurant in the Queens Center Mall: The Cheesecake Factory. The Post critic writes: "Gooey mac ’n’ cheese tucked inside a sphere of crisp-fried breadcrumbs laughed at lesser versions. Thai lettuce wraps arrived in the form of a floral-like platter of crisp bibb leaves, satay chicken strips, carrots, coconut-curry noodles, and sweet and pungent sauces. We assembled them into crackling starbursts of flavors and textures."

Yorkville Italian restaurant Bar Prima was closed by the DOH this week after an inspector tallied up 50 violation points for things like evidence of vermin and the lack of a required hand-washing sink.

Scott Tacinelli and Angie Rito, two veterans of Dinnertable in the East Village, are hosting a series of "pasta omakase" dinners at New York Sushi Ko on Sunday nights from November 6 through December 18. Ten courses of pasta, plus unlimited wine and sake, will set you back $150.

Voice critic Zachary Feldman is a fan of Sohla and Hisham El-Waylly’s quirky Greenpoint Diner, Hail Mary: "Echoing how souvlaki and gyros wound up populating Greek diner and lunch counter menus, the El-Wayllys tip their hats to Middle Eastern shawarma. But instead of lamb or chicken, there's octopus, the coins of spiced tentacle crowded around pistachio tahini, fried potatoes, and a pickled-onion salad that pops with citrusy Iranian barberries."

On Halloween, East 79th Street restaurant Sojourn hosted a seance for Harry Houdini, who once lived in the building, but his ghost didn’t show up.

— Another sushi bar is coming to the East Village space that previously housed Iron Sushi.

— And finally, here’s a look at the breakfast spread at Two Hands Cafe on Mott Street: