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Cassette Gets Mangled in the Tape Deck of Greenpoint

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The pretty Franklin Street restaurant lasted less than a year

[Nick Solares]

It had a lovely dining room and a menu full of seasonally-inspired, healthy-ish food, but Cassette just couldn’t make a connection with the people of Greenpoint or the diners who flock to the Brooklyn neighborhood on the weekends. The year-old Franklin Street restaurant — which counts Kickstarter founder Perry Chen as an investor — is turning into a private event space. On the restaurant’s homepage, the management explains: "After a magical year serving the Greenpoint community, we are sadly closing our doors for regular service. Thank you for supporting us and being a part of our lives."  Right now, nobody's picking up the phones.

Rucola's Henry Rich and Joe Pasqualetto opened Cassette in October 2015. In September, new chefs Norberto Piattoni and Jeff Puchon overhauled the menu, and the restaurant started offering everything to stay or to go. Now Cassette will be available "for private gatherings and celebrations."

If you spot a restaurant that’s opening or closing in your neighborhood, please send any photos or intel to the tipline.

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