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Williamsburg Pizza Chef to Debut ‘Old New York’ Pizzeria In Crown Heights

Brooklyn Pizza Crew opens on Wednesday

Brooklyn Pizza Crew

The chef behind Williamsburg Pizza will soon be slinging pies in Crown Heights. Chef/owner Nino Coniglio — the winner of International Pizza Expo’s 2016 Maker of the Year Champion Award — will open his newest restaurant Brooklyn Pizza Crew at 758 Nostrand Ave., near Sterling Place, on Wednesday.

Core pies like the margherita and grandma will remain, but the new outpost will focus more on "traditional old New York," meaning specialty pies like the popular kale one won’t be on the menu, Coniglio says. Instead, expect things like an L&B-style pie with mozzarella on the bottom and sauce on top and a Sicilian Sfincione with breadcrumbs. The pizza that won Coniglio the Maker of the Year award at the pizza contest will also be available. It’s a pie with mozzarella, smoked scamorza cheese, cremini and porcini mushrooms, porcini truffle crema, rosemary, parmesan, and pignoli nuts.

It’s the fifth location for Coniglio, who plans on expanding more in the future. He recently started offering pies at bar 310 bowery, and Williamsburg Pizza has locations on the Lower East Side, in Williamsburg, and in the Barclays Center. But the new location marks a move away from calling the restaurants "Williamsburg Pizza." He’ll likely rename the Lower East Side location, and he’s already changed the 310 Bowery operation to "Bowery Boys Pizza." "I always hated shoving Williamsburg down people’s throats in other neighborhoods," Coniglio says. "Even in Williamsburg, people like to shit all over Williamsburg."

Williamsburg Pizza

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