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Mei Li Wah Reopens to Serve Pork Buns After DOH Shutdown

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It now has a “C” grade

Lily Zhang

Old-school Chinatown bakery Mei Li Wah is back in business selling its popular baked pork buns after the Department of Health shut it down earlier this fall. The bakery, which has been open at 64 Bayard St. since the ‘60s, now bears a C health grade. It was docked for keeping cold food above a certain temperature and not having proper dishwashing equipment, according to DOH. It got the new grade last month. The rating did not deter diners, who were lining up in the small restaurant for pork buns on Sunday.

Mei Li Wah
[people lining up for pork buns on Sunday]

Mei Li Wah is best known for its baked char siu bao, a toasted bun with sweet Chinese barbecue pork inside. DOH has shut it down before, but it’s always reopened and continued to flourish.