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Wolfgang’s Customers Use Trump Language to Harass Women Outside Restaurant

The management allegedly told the women to calm down because these were “good guys”

Wolfgang’s Photos via Foursquare

A New Yorker by the name of Lindsay Means says that she and her two friends were harassed by patrons of Wolfgang’s in Tribeca who shouted "grab them by their pussies" as they walked by the restaurant on Saturday. After talking to the guys who verbally harassed her and her friends, Means says she went inside to talk to the management, but they told her to calm down, saying that they were "good guys."

A member of the Wolfgang’s team (or the social media company representing the steakhouse) reached out to Means' friend with the note: "We would like to apologize on behalf of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse to you and friends for the inconvenience that has occurred last night at Tribeca by our patrons." Means tells Tribeca Citizen that a manager spoke with her friend over the phone and said: "They were drunk out of their minds, but that’s not an excuse." Wolfgang’s offered them a gift certificate, but instead, they are requesting a written apology and a note about how the restaurant won’t condone this sort of behavior.

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