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East Village Legend McSorley’s Reopens After Four-Day DOH-Mandated Closure

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An exterminator vanquished all the critters from the bar’s basement and got the space into tip-top shape


Matthew Maher and his crew plugged up all the holes inside McSorley’s that were allowing the mice to enter the bar without showing their IDs to the bouncer. (These critters may or may not have flooded the storied East Village tavern because of the Cooper Square construction nearby.) The century-and-a-half-old tavern got closed by the DOH on Wednesday, but the powers that be gave Maher the go-ahead to reopen today, and now the ale is flowing freely from the ancient pub’s taps. While the bar was dark, Mini McSorley — the tavern’s ousted lazy cat — took to Facebook to comment on the closure: "Good thing the health department made me move out, huh?" And on Friday, McSorley’s hosted the wedding of two die-hard fans of the bar, although sadly, no ale, burgers, or raw onions were served. Long live McSorley’s.

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McSorley's Old Ale House

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