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Restaurant Only Serving Its Food In Jars Now Open In Greenwich Village

Ancolie aims to be an eco-friendly restaurant

Chloe Vichot
[Chloe Vichot, chef/owner at Ancolie]

The Greenwich Village restaurant that only serves its meals in jars is now open for business. Ancolie, located at 58 West 8th St. near Sixth Avenue, serves salads, grain bowls, and breakfast pudding in custom-made glass jars. Owner/chef Chloe Vichot designed the stackable jars with wide lids for easy dining and launched their production through Kickstarter earlier this year, raising close to $55,000 for the project. She’s aiming to change the menu seasonally and a warm food option daily. The opening menu features dishes like coconut chia pudding, a winter salad with butternut squash and cranberries and a grain bowl with apples and mint, with vegetarian options costing $12 and chicken ones costing $14. Coffee beans will also change seasonally.

It may sound like a gimmick, but Vichot’s initial idea was to open a casual lunch restaurant, not focus on the jars. The jars only came in later, when she realized how much waste goes into takeout food. "I was a little bit shocked by the amount of trash that comes with a regular sandwich compared to what I got in France growing up," she previously told Eater. As part of the effort to reduce waste, people who return the jars to the restaurant will get a dollar back, and people who bring their own reusable cups will receive a 50 cent discount on hot beverages. "We’re really trying to encourage people to reuse their jars," Vichot says. Ancolie is now open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Greenwich Village.

[jars of food at Ancolie]