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Wylie Dufresne Redux, Chick-fil-A FiDi, And More Intel

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Plus: A Sugarfish tip and more news and gossip from around NYC

The Nomad Bar
[The Nomad Bar]
Nick Solares

— The rumored FiDi location of Chick-fil-A now looks like it will be a reality. Tribeca Citizen found that the popular fried chicken sandwich chain filed an application for a property tax abatement at 144 Fulton St. The building has three floors and the potential for rooftop seating, making it just as big as the other outposts in Midtown. The chain hasn’t been shy about its NYC expansion plans. Although the Atlanta-based company only opened its first New York location last year, it wants to debut as many as 12 by 2017.

— Famously whimsical and inventive chef Wylie Dufresne will be cooking again with a stint at the Nomad Bar. He started on Thursday and will be cooking up some of the best dishes from his now-shuttered restaurants Alder and wd~50 until December 23rd. Expect revivals of things like rye pasta with shaved pastrami, pub cheese, and eggs Benedict with deep-fried hollandaise. The influential chef does have a new project coming up soon, but the planned doughnut shop Du’s Donuts and Coffee is unlikely to offer the savory items that will be dished out at the Nomad Bar over the next month.

— East Village Vietnamese restaurant Soothsayer, which suddenly closed in September, has reopened as Chao Chao. It serves "contemporary Vietnamese," including grilled squid salad, banana leaf grilled skate wing, and beef cheeks rendang with egg noodles.

— Could East Village organic market Healthfully be in danger of closing? EV Grieve notes that the shelves have been emptier, the hours have been less consistent, and they’ve been having an inventory sale.

— Just an FYI: New York’s new outpost of Sugarfish, the hit LA sushi restaurant, has had insane waits since opening last week. Hosts were quoting four hour wait times at about 6:30 p.m. earlier this week. People showing up right at 11:30 a.m. when it opens for lunch or at 5 p.m. before the dinner rush will have better luck. It does not take reservations. Update: On Friday, a line had already started to form at about 11:10 a.m.

Sugarfish line Robert Sietsema

— Ligaya Mishan finds the Korean-leaning food at Thursday Kitchen to be more interesting than expected, from a homemade kimchi in a "paella" to a charred and smoky octopus with a mango sauce. Chef Kyungmin Kay Hyun did have a few misses, like the tteokbokki and twice-fried chicken, but a vanilla ice cream with salted caramel popcorn dessert ended the meal well.

— The Korean burrito and taco restaurant born out of a food truck Korilla BBQ plans to open its second location in Soho, in the former Ceci-Cela and Eight Turn Crepe spaces.

— Chocolatier Max Brenner is celebrating its 20th anniversary by giving out free hot chocolate next Wednesday, November 16th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at its Bryant Park holiday market stand. Anyone who posts #MaxBrenner20 on social media can get one.

— And finally, see how Jack’s Wife Freda makes its green shakshuka:


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