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David Bouhadana’s Sushi On Jones Now Offers an Omakase For Home Dining

The outdoor sushi counter is now sending away sushi to-go

Sushi on Jones Kat Odell

Acclaimed sushi chef David Bouhadana’s reentry into the New York dining scene Sushi On Jones is tiny and outdoors, but just in time for the unbearable levels of cold, he will soon make his omakase available for takeout and delivery. Starting Monday, the four-seat counter in mini-food hall The Bowery Market, at 348 Bowery, will offer the $50, 12-piece and a roll omakase to-go and via Postmates. Other delivery platforms will be added in the future as well. Bouhadana, whose time at Sushi Dojo landed it on the Eater 38, suddenly left the restaurant last year and hadn’t been at a restaurant until Sushi On Jones.

It’s good news for people who can’t get into Sushi On Jones’ fast dining experience. At the counter, diners are limited to half an hour to finish their meal — ticking timer and all. It’s a callback to the way people first ate sushi in Japan, quickly and at small bars. In a review of Sushi On Jones, Ligaya Mishan at the Times noted that diners at Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo also only get 30 minutes, but for 20 pieces at about $290.

Sushi On Jones to-go will be available for lunch first, with dinner delivery and takeaway to come. But if that's still not your jam, Bouhadana is still working on a separate restaurant on the Lowest East Side at 217 Eldridge St., near Stanton Street, called Sushi Bouhadana. The 12-seat omakase, which will be indoors, will open early 2017.

Sushi on Jones

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The Bowery Market

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