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All Hail the Thanksgiving Croissant, an Edible Embodiment of Fall in New York City

This pastry contains everything you love about Thanksgiving, minus the sports, parades, and day drinking

[The Milk Bar in Chelsea]
[Milk Bar]

Christina Tosi’s seasonal delicacy belongs in the Laminated Pastry Dough Pantheon of New York City, right up there with the Pretzel Croissant from City Bakery and Dominique Ansel’s beloved Cronut. It’s a jumble of white and dark meat turkey, gravy, and cranberry sauce wrapped inside a cocoon of dough that's seasoned like stuffing. Just like fall in New York itself, this treat is enchanting, but also unexpectedly moist and kind of exhausting toward the end.

Thanksgiving croissant, I miss you already! #momofuku #momofukumilkbar #thanksgivingcroissant #sleezeats

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As the tradition goes, the Thanksgiving Croissants were added to the Milk Bar menus throughout NYC and DC this morning, and they will be available through Thanksgiving week. The recipe is slightly different than the last batch— Tosi and Co. make adjustments every year — but the core components are still the same as always. If you get your hands on one and notice any major differences in taste or texture from last year, please let us know.

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