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Midway Through Critical Gauntlet, Günter Seeger Introduces Shorter, Cheaper Menu

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The restaurant attempts to tone it down

Günter Seeger NY

Günter Seeger is making changes to the menu at his five-month-old West Village restaurant. When the 42-seat Hudson Street restaurant opened in May, the chef only offered one option: A $148 tasting menu which changed daily and included eight to ten courses. A few critics reacted negatively in the months following Günter Seeger NY's opening, particularly Steve Cuozzo. The Post critic writes "Pretension permeates the whole place, from the awkward greeting behind an ominous, black façade to ordinary dishes that are presented with more pomp than they deserve." Pete Wells awarded the restaurant two stars last month, but ultimately worried for its attempts at perfection.

Now, a new $98 menu option will give guests three choices for each of the four courses, in addition to an amuse and post-dinner desserts. The new tasting menu will be available starting Monday, October 10. A sample menu lists options such as langoustine with butternut squash and curry; heirloom beets with quince; grilled squab with dates; and venison with mushrooms. The original $148 tasting menu will still be available.

In other Seeger news, Bobby Conroy just joined the team as the Service/Wine Director. Conroy was previously the Beverage Director at San Francisco’s critical darling In Situ. The opening of Günter Seeger NY marked Seeger’s return to cooking since closing his lauded Atlanta restaurant in 2007.