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Brooklyn Favorites Ganso Yaki & Sushi Ganso Suddenly Close Just Weeks After Revamp

The owner did not give a reason for the closures

Ganso Yaki
Ganso Yaki
Daniel Krieger

The Japanese sushi and comfort food sister restaurants Sushi Ganso and Ganso Yaki abruptly ended business on Tuesday — just a couple of weeks after announcing major changes at Ganso Yaki. DNAinfo reports that owner Harris Salat closed the neighboring restaurants at Atlantic and Third Avenue without giving a reason. Employees reportedly found out Tuesday morning as they prepared to go into work.

Neither restaurant had not been open for long. Ganso Yaki debuted in March of 2015, and Sushi Ganso opened earlier this year. Izakaya Ganso Yaki also very recently hired Morimoto alum Rick Horiike as the new chef. Horiike was tasked with turning it into a Japanese comfort restaurant, a menu change that started on September 12.

The team’s ramen restaurant Ganso Ramen remains open, and in a statement to Gothamist, Salat says he plans to focus on that flagship for now. "This brings me great sadness as our employees poured their hearts and souls into these eateries," the statement says.

Ganso Yaki

515 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn , NY

Ganso Sushi

31 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY