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Feast Your Eyes on This Giant Shrimp Made Out of Shrimp from Mission Chinese

Damn, that’s a big shrimp

The team at Mission Chinese Food apparently went all out on Sunday night and literally made a giant shrimp out of shrimp for their "Mission House of Prime Rib" party. A photo of the shrimp sculpture makes a faceless employee’s hand look like a tiny, delicate blob next to what surely is one of the world’s largest shrimp cocktails. Its shrimpy tail is even large enough to sport a paper chef’s hat. In fact, the shrimp’s hat looks like it is comparable in size to the hat that the employee is wearing.

All-you-can-eat shrimp cocktail. #missionhouseofprimerib (this is a ticketed event)

A photo posted by Mission Chinese Food (@missionchinesefood) on

The shrimp was part of an all-you-can-eat shrimp cocktail for the Halloween party, an $89-per-head ticketed event that also served hickory smoked prime rib, creamed spinach, and tossed salad. Besides the giant shrimp, the restaurant also served butter shaped like a whole cow.

Butter round up or cattle drive? All ready to go for #missionhouseofprimerib

A photo posted by Greg Wong (@gregxgrey) on

Extravagance was the point of the party’s theme. According to the description of the event, Danny Bowien and his crew wanted to evoke "New York opulence" and to "relive the decadence" of the Mission House of Prime Rib, perhaps an ode to old school San Francisco restaurant House of Prime Rib. Did you eat this ridiculous concoction? Let us know.

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