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Williamsburg Pizza Now Dishing Out Grandma Pies On Bowery

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Expect more experimental pies in the future

Williamsburg Pizza at 310 Bowery Williamsburg Pizza/Ashwin Deshmukh

The pie masters at Williamsburg Pizza have started to sell their popular grandma pies at bar 310 Bowery. Chef and owner Nino Coniglio — who won 2016 Pizza Maker of the Year Champion award at the International Pizza Expo earlier this year — has been on-site at the new outpost situated at the front of the bar, according to restaurant partner Ashwin Deshmukh. It’s the fourth location for the restaurant, which has outposts in Williamsburg, the Lower East Side, and at the Barclays Center.

The restaurant’s neighborhood locations are known for an expansive menu of pies with toppings like apple, bacon, and wild mushrooms, but the new Bowery location’s menu will stay slim for now. Coniglio’s slinging just a small and large-sized grandma pie with aged parmesan and black lava salt. "We want to do one product, and do it really well," Deshmukh says.

But it won’t stay small for too long. Since the 310 Bowery location’s kitchen won’t be used for Barclays center production, expect more experimental pies here in the future. Coniglio’s been offering a couple of specials since launching, including a "Not Detroit Style" pie with a dough that collapses when eaten, and the lack of wholesale at the latest location means more secret menu items will pop up at his whim. The new Williamsburg Pizza is open for both lunch and dinner at 310 Bowery, near Bleecker Street, and delivery will be added eventually.

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