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New York’s Most Perplexing Restaurant, Ninja, Closed By Roaches [Update]

The reviews couldn’t shutter this place, so the roaches stepped up to the plate


Here is something more terrifying than Freddy Kreuger and that little girl from The Ring moving a magnifying glass around a haunted Ouija board: Ninja, the Tribeca sushi bunker where guys in costumes jump out from the shadows and surprise you with screams and/or magic tricks, is apparently quite popular with the vermin of this city. The creepy crawlers love the restaurant so much, in fact, that when the Department of Health recently stopped by, the inspector found enough roaches to warrant an automatic closure. According to the DOH database, a city employee found the "critical" vermin violation on October 27. There is no outgoing message on the phone line, and a big yellow CLOSED sign is hanging on the door right now. This incident is way out of character for the restaurant, which, having endured a zero star review from Frank Bruni and recurring cameos during Eater’s Shitshow Week, seemed nearly indestructible before last week. Stay tuned for more updates on the Ninja situation as they become available.

UPDATE: Tribeca Citizen chimes in with this crucial update:

And indeed, now a host picks up the phone, business as usual.  The employee says that the restaurant was closed over the weekend "because of an emergency." And peace has been restored throughout the land.

Ninja vs. the Health Department [TC]