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Ssäm Bar Is Reborn as a Restaurant With Proper Lumbär Support

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The times they are a-changing at the 10-year-old restaurant

Nick Solares

Momofuku emperor David Chang and his cadre of chefs and servers quietly reopened Second Avenue’s perennial favorite Momofuku Ssäm Bar today. The restaurant closed for a revamp on October 16. And now those backless-stools — arguably the most infamous dining stumps in New York City — have been replaced by furniture with some proper back support. But that’s not the only surprise: The lunch menu now has a new section of meats, which can be ordered a la carte, as wraps, or as a meat-and-three-style meal.

Nick Solares

And, also, Chang & Co. are now serving a *brand new large-format feast* called the seven spice beef brisket ssäm, which is a giant hunk of angus beef served with rice, lettuce, sauces, pickles, and a watercress & herb salad. This reservation-only spread feeds four to six people for $295.

But wait there's even more Ssäm newness in store (!): As a reopening special, the restaurant is going to be serving a charcuterie board with meats supplied by friends from across the country, including the teams from Vetri, Husk, The Publican, and Underbelly.

This is truly a momentous occasion for NYC-area Momofuku fans. The only disappointing part of the reopening experience is that Momo die hards don’t want be able to toast the rebirth of Ssäm Bar with a drink at Booker and Dax next door. That great cocktail bar is closed, but Dave Arnold plans to reopen the operation at a to-be-determined location somewhere down the line.

If you happen to try the new iteration of Ssäm, please let us know what you think.

Momofuku Ssäm Bar

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