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David Chang Admits That He Screwed Up Nishi

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The chef blames a "limited budget"

Inside Nishi’s dining space Nick Solares

Momofuku empire king David Chang previously got angry and whiny over negative reviews of his newest restaurant Nishi, but now the chef is admitting that he made mistakes at the Chelsea Korean-Italian restaurant, according to the Post’s Steve Cuozzo. "If anyone made a stupid mistake, it was me," the chef tells Cuozzo. "If I had to do [Nishi] over, I’d delay it and do it right."

Since both Eater and the Times published screeds on Nishi bemoaning its prices and discomfort, Chang’s added soundproofing panels, ended the no tipping policy, and added the meatless Impossible Burger to the menu. The chef blames the problems on a " very limited budget" for building the restaurant, although Cuozzo points out that Chang’s rent on the 232 8th Avenue restaurant is a good 20 percent below market rate for Chelsea.

The chef that’s been known for culinary innovation is also betting on a revamp of Ssäm Bar and a new South Street Seaport restaurant to "right the ship," according to Cuozzo. Ssäm will be allegedly be more comfortable when it reopens, with the introduction of chairs that have backs. And Chang’s expecting the South Street Seaport project to be one of his biggest restaurants, a new anchor in the city for the chef. "It’s definitely bigger than what we’ve done here before," Chang says. It’s anticipated to open in 2017 or early 2018.

Momofuku Nishi

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