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Fashionable Toast Specialist Cafe Gitane Calls Dibs on Hillside Space

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Soon, Vinegar Hill will have a new place to enjoy avocado toast and glass after glass of rosé

[Cafe Gitane signage in the old Hillside space]
[Dan Frommer]

Cafe Gitane, a Nolita restaurant that is often packed with European tourists and model-ish people, is expanding to a space on the corner of Water Street and Hudson Avenue in Brooklyn. Signage went up in the window over the weekend, and the team officially announced plans for the new French cafe on Instagram. This is the space that previously housed Hillside, the next door wine bar spinoff of Vinegar Hill House, which never quite found its footing. In other Gitane news, the location of the restaurant in the Jane Hotel served its last meals earlier this fall. It’s now listed as "officially closed" on the Gitane homepage. Stay tuned for more details on Gitane’s Brooklyn expansion as they become available.

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