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Semilla’s Pam Yung is Leaving the Vegetable-Forward Restaurant

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Her last day will be October 29

Semilla plating
Yung plating at Semilla
Daniel Krieger

Semilla’s co-owner and pastry chef Pam Yung is leaving the vegetable-forward restaurant, according to Grub Street. Yung, who opened the restaurant with partner and Isa teammate Jose Ramirez-Ruiz, will celebrate her last night at the Williamsburg restaurant on October 29. Since opening in October 2014, Yung has led Semilla’s bread and pastry program including the restaurant’s fermented oatmeal, one of Ryan Sutton’s favorite dishes of 2015. Here is Ryan on some of Yung’s creations:

Yung’s sweets could merit a separate tasting (or restaurant) in their own right. She spins her vanilla ice cream in the Pacojet (a fancy, expensive blender); she tempers it so it has the texture of whipped cream; and she adds on a dose of bergamot granita. There's your Earl Grey tea with milk. Yung finishes off the meal with a savory, fermented oatmeal. The trick is it doesn’t turn sweet until you melt in a scoop of brown butter ice cream on top. There’s your breakfast for dessert.

According to Grub Street, Yung does not have any new projects lined up and plans to take time off before deciding her next move. "I am so proud of what we have created and achieved collectively," Yung tells Grub Street. "I wish the current team all the best as they move forward with the restaurant." The team will be led by Ramirez-Ruiz who will take over Semilla’s bread and dessert production.


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